Jill Biden Reveals If Joe Is Too Old To…

First Lady Jill Biden addressed concerns about President Joe Biden’s age during a fundraiser in Philadelphia on Monday night. Speaking to about 100 guests at a private event in Chestnut Hill, she acknowledged the issue directly, saying, “I know what’s on your mind, so let’s talk about age this election. This election’s not about age. Joe and the other guy are about the same age. This election is about character, wisdom, and ability.”



President Biden, 81, has been facing ongoing scrutiny regarding his age and capability to serve another term. He is preparing for a high-stakes debate against former President Donald Trump, 78, on Thursday in Atlanta. This debate will be the first time in four years that the two have been in the same room. Biden, who has been preparing at Camp David, sees this as a chance to address concerns about his fitness for the job. Republicans and conservative media have been amplifying video clips to question his acuity, while Biden’s supporters are campaigning across the country to counter these doubts.

In her remarks, Jill Biden emphasized her husband’s steady leadership through challenging times, such as the pandemic, the Capitol assault, and ongoing international conflicts. She described him as “the strong, steady one, always unflappable, always unflinching.”

The Philadelphia fundraiser, hosted by Jen and Greg Case at their Chestnut Hill home, raised $450,000 for the Biden reelection campaign. The event featured a performance by singer-songwriter Carole King and was attended by notable figures including Democratic U.S. Reps. Madeleine Dean and Brendan Boyle, Philadelphia Mayor Cherelle L. Parker, and former Gov. Ed Rendell.

Jill Biden, who grew up in Montgomery County, referenced her Philadelphia roots during her speech, saying, “I love coming to Philadelphia for events because you’re the only ones who understand my accent.” She also highlighted her connection to the military, as the daughter of a Navy veteran and stepmother of the late Beau Biden, a former Army officer. She expressed her strong reaction to Trump’s disparaging comments about service members, saying it “really gets my Philly up.”

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