Jill Biden Reveals Truth About Joe’s Age

First Lady Jill Biden emphasized her husband’s age as a positive attribute during a visit to Green Bay, Wisconsin, describing President Joe Biden as a healthy and wise 81-year-old who is dedicated to serving the country. In her speech, she contrasted Biden’s age with that of his political opponents, including former President Donald Trump, whom she criticized for his perceived inability to articulate coherent thoughts.



During a recent appearance on The View and in her Green Bay speech, Jill Biden underscored that the upcoming election should not be defined by age, pointing out that both Biden and Trump are in their late 70s to early 80s. She highlighted Joe Biden’s integrity, strength, steady leadership, and energy as reasons why age should not be a disqualifying factor for voters.

However, concerns about President Biden’s age persist, especially following a recent public appearance where he appeared momentarily disoriented during a Juneteenth celebration at the White House. Observers noted his static posture and delayed response before interacting with Philonise Floyd, the brother of George Floyd.

Jill Biden’s defense of her husband’s age reflects ongoing efforts to reassure the public about his capabilities and readiness to fulfill his presidential duties effectively despite advancing years.

Joe isn’t one of the most effective presidents of our lives in spite of his age, but because of it,” she said.

This election is not about age because Donald Trump is going to be 78 and Joe’s 81,” she said. “You have two choices. My husband Joe, who you all know, who has integrity, he’s strong, he’s steady, he’s a leader, he’s smart, he’s energetic, or you have chaos.”


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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