Jill Biden’s Ex-Husband Exposes Her For Enabling…

After Joe Biden’s widely criticized debate performance, calls for him to step down ahead of the November election have intensified, even among some of his staunchest supporters within the Democratic Party and mainstream media. However, First Lady Jill Biden remains steadfast in her commitment to pushing forward with his campaign, despite growing concerns about his ability to continue effectively.



Jill Biden’s basically unstoppable support for her husband has not gone unnoticed, drawing both praise and criticism. Her ex-husband, Bill Stevenson, who was married to her from 1970 to 1975, recently expressed surprise and dismay over her public defense of Joe Biden. Stevenson lamented that the Jill Biden he sees today is vastly different from the person he knew during their marriage, suggesting she has transformed into someone driven and assertive, perhaps even harboring ambitions of her own in politics.

Stevenson’s comments come amidst a backdrop of social media backlash and public scrutiny over Jill Biden’s role in the campaign. Critics from various political perspectives have accused her of enabling Joe Biden’s struggling campaign and questioned her motives for continuing to push him forward despite his apparent difficulties.

Despite the criticism, Jill Biden has remained vocal and resolute in her support for her husband. At recent campaign stops and fundraisers, she has defended Joe Biden’s record, experience, and judgment, point out his unique qualifications for the presidency. She has portrayed him as not just a capable candidate, but the only viable choice for the job, aiming to rally support and reassure donors amid mounting concerns over his electoral prospects.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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