Jim Cornette Has Strong Thoughts On The “Give Divas A Chance” Movement

In an interview with The Miami Herald, Jim Cornette spoke about various topics including the recent #GiveDivasAChance movement on Twitter:



On his tribute show: “They wanted to do a tribute, and who wouldn’t want to be tributed,” Cornette said. “We haven’t done a fan fest in Wilmington really. With all the names attending, I felt we had to change the concept. I’m changing the concept because there are going to be so many stars like Harley Race, Ted DiBiase and Dan Severn. I can’t have all these people standing up there saying nice things about me while Harley Race is sitting there or Ted DiBiase or a UFC Hall of Famer. So I want to morph it into a tribute to all the great wrestling stars that are going to be there. Otherwise, people would be thinking, ‘Oh, Cornette is booking his own tributes now.’”

On the WWE Network: “It devalues everyone else’s product. If you can get the supposed best for this cheap, then why pay for other stuff. It forces anybody who has ever wanted to make money in the wrestling business at the regional level to have the same business model as WWE, which you can’t do from scratch anymore. I don’t yell about things that are not good, even if people think they are good without reason. Sometimes they’re good to look at, but they aren’t good for the business. I’ve been looking at things and the trends that were good for the business for the past 10 to 15 years. A lot of this s— they’ve done may be good for somebody’s business, but it isn’t good for THE business.”

On “Give Divas A Chance”: “It’s not just women’s wrestling, they ought to give everybody a chance. If you are going to have a match for 30 seconds, why do you have a f—in’ match? That’s what I don’t understand. …If you don’t want to give the girls a chance, then why bother? They’ve had numerous rotten girls wrestling matches in WWE in the past. Though, it’s not like they could have stunk the joint out more than it has been stunk up before. At least give them a chance to try for four minutes.”

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