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Jim Cornette on CM Punk’s UFC 225 loss

On a recent episode of Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru, Jim Cornette discussed CM Punk’s latest attempt in the octagon.

CM Punk went into his second fight in the UFC 0-1, after losing to Mickey Gall, who now has a record of 4-1 with four submission victories, back in September 2016. His opponent at UFC 225 was Mike Jackson, another fighter who Gall had defeated and was entering the octagon that night 0-1.

Punk made his way to the end of the fight, with the bout going to Jackson via decision. While he took some serious damage throughout the three rounds, Jackson was never able to put Punk away.

With his record now sitting at 0-2, many consider CM Punk’s venture into the sport of MMA a failure. Jim Cornette responded to a fan’s question on if Punk’s career in the UFC could have hampered his ability to return to the world of pro wrestling, or if he has any value left in the business after his loss back on June 9.

He still has value, obviously to pro wrestling. He has more value to pro wrestling than pro wrestling does to him at this point.

He could draw a house anywhere he went tomorrow just for the novelty of ‘Is this the only time you’re ever going to see him?’ Etc. If you can promote something that people want to see as a once in a lifetime thing, then yeah, it’s gonna get over. Just don’t do it again too soon or it’ll spoil the gimmick.

Did he make wrestling look bad? No. He would’ve in the days where guys needed to legitimately be considered tough. That’s why you never saw the equivalent of a boxing champion vs a wrestling champion, and the closest thing was Ali vs Inoki.

The bigger thing is that Punk can fight somewhere else. He can fight for Bellator or whatever and still make huge paydays, but does he want to be the guy that appears at independent wrestling shows? Does he want to be one of the guys at independent wrestling shows?

You can check out the rest of the podcast here.

CM Punk already made it crystal clear that he’s done with professional wrestling, but do you see him possibly joining another fighting promotion?

  • Emerson Favreau

    The ability to be a good fighter just isn’t there. He has been training with one of the best coaches in mma for almost 4 years now. If you couldn’t do better than he did after all that time and training then it’s not going to happen. He cannot compete on a pro level and now that he has fought professionally he cannot just go do amateur fights. Kinda screwed himself there. Hope he has saved his money!

  • Rajah

    I watched it, he definitely put up a better fight this time around. He was aggressive to begin with but got tired pretty quick and Jackson looked like he was toying with him. Punk needs a couple of fights in a lower promotion before being considered for the UFC. Even Lesnar’s first fight was for another promotion, then he joined the UFC.

  • EVH

    his “drawing power” will be 0 if he keeps losing for any MMA promotion. The novelty will wear off and no one will care. IDK Dana White might give him another fight to see if Punk has ANYTHING. while he may have gone the distance in his last fight (i didnt see it) according to all reports Jackson was toying with Punk.

    If by the end of the year Punk hasnt won a fight and plans on making a living he better tuck his tail, swallow his pride and hit up HHH