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Jim Cornette pitches a new angle for Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns just can’t get the WWE Universe on his side. The Big Dog has had four years at the top, and, save for a few unexpected moments, has been booed out of almost every arena he’s appeared in. Still, the WWE pushes Reigns as their top guy.

Well, maybe Jim Cornette has found a way to get Reigns and the fans on the same page. The Louisville Slugger recently appeared on Busted Open Radio, where he addressed the Roman Reigns problem.

On the criticism Reigns receives from fans:

It’s a situation that has never arisen before in the wrestling industry. Think about it, this is the first time that a guy has been rejected by the fans, not because of his lack of ability, but because the people know that the ‘evil empire’ wants him to be the guy over a guy that they really want to be the guy, or in some cases a few guys they want to be the guy.

They have revolted against the establishment, against management, by defecating all over anything that they try to do with this poor guy, because they feel like they are getting back at the company for not featuring their favorites, specifically Daniel Bryan. In that case, the reason why this has never happened before, now they found out the reason that every promotion in history, until Mr. McMahon became one of the greatest characters in the history of television, but every promoter wanted to be the babyface because they didn’t want the fans to be mad at the company.

Why am I going to buy a ticket and merchandise of a company that I’m mad at? Vince McMahon was good enough to pull it off. He had ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, they were the ultimate ‘take this job and shove it’ versus the establishment program. It can never be repeated no matter how often people try.

But…after twenty years, a whole new generation has grown up to believe that management is trying to ‘hold my favorite wrestler down.’ So yes they root for those wrestlers, but at some point, it was going to bubble to the surface where they say, “No, f*ck you. We like this guy, or these guys.” And it’s manifested itself on poor Roman.

How he would get Roman on the side of the fans.

If Daniel Bryan is the root of it, he’s gotta be involved in it. I would try and somehow get those two guys together. I have talked about this on my podcast before, in some way, to get those guys together in terms of an interview or a tag team match. Maybe Roman Reigns bails Bryan out of a situation where then Roman can turn around and sodomize Daniel Bryan and do something to him.

Then unleash it! In the 2018 version of ‘Die Rocky Die,’ just unleash it. ”

I was born into this. I was going to have all of this, but it was because of you, you little prick.” At the same time, he doesn’t have to be a “heel” heel, because I think at this point, he doesn’t trust anybody and doesn’t like anybody. ‘Don’t trust anybody,’ it worked before once, right?

And when Stephanie McMahon comes out to congratulate him for seeing the light and getting rid of the guy she didn’t like he can say, “F*ck you, too.” Anybody named McMahon, even Shane can shove it. And if Vince wants to drag his bag of bones out, he can get some too, because they put him in this position.

I wouldn’t have him lay Stephanie McMahon out right off the bat, I’d have him tell her off. But depending on where this goes, if he just starts running roughshod over the roster, just let this guy be the most unsavory anti-everybody kind of guy. Keep the writers be away from him, just let him write his own material. Let’em know how he really feels. Put emphasis into him being against everything and everybody as you have tried to make him this smiley, ice cream bar guy, and see what the people do.

At least it gives him a fair chance, and if he gets heat then it’s the right reaction, but if he gets ‘go away heat,’ then he’ll have to go away. After all, how can I miss you if you won’t go away?

You know, eventually, the dirtier he gets, and the more villages he rapes and pillages, the more they’re gonna like him and might respect him a little bit. There must be blood, and not his either. He has to open people up.

Anyone and everyone involved in the wrestling business, from managers and wrestlers to fans, have been begging the WWE for a heel turn, and it seems that even Corny thinks it’s the right move.

Do you think Reigns going after Bryan first is the best way to handle his heel turn?

H/T to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.