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Jim Cornette talks about what’s wrong with the concept of professional wrestling today

Jim Cornette speaks about wrestling.

Veteran professional wrestling personality Jim Cornette recently appeared on Table For 3 alongside Eric Bischoff and WWE Hall-of-Famer Michael Hayes.

Opening up about how he feels about the present professional wrestling industry, Jim Cornette insinuated that a major negative change in the present concept of pro-wrestling has been the shift of importance from presenting a believable, realistic simulated conflict that people may perceive as a real fight, to a mere performance of acrobatic, athletic moves.

Here are a few excerpts from the statements Jim Cornette issued on the same-

“I think the problem becomes they think they’re going to do the moves and that’s going to get them over, and they put the ‘cart before the horse.’ Now it’s hard for anybody to really work up a good dislike for the heel or hero worship & idolatry for the babyface. I’m really the only person that can actually pi** people off pretty naturally and instantly to where they really hate me.”

Furthermore, considering Cornette and Bischoff’s back-story of being real-life rivals in the business, there wasn’t much interaction between the duo, except their agreement on the fact that they both hate Vince Russo.

Besides, Michael Hayes also noted that this may be the first time that Bischoff and Cornette have spoken together publicly.

Three legends of the business reminiscing about the days gone by and giving their take on the current state of professional wrestling. Well, I’ve got to admit, folks, I for one, absolutely love Table For 3.

I’m inclined to agree with Cornette on his primary discussion- the point of him feeling the shift of importance from the story-telling aspect of professional wrestling to the acrobatic aspect.

Dare I say what Cornette stated may be somewhat similar to the recent indie criticism fired by Rip Rogers and Randy Orton.

Regardless, I concur with what was discussed on the program and do feel pro-wrestling should pay more attention to character building and story-telling.

What about you? Do you agree or disagree with Jim Cornette’s views? Sound off in the comments!

  • D2K

    ~Jim Cornette talks about what’s wrong with the concept of professional wrestling today~

    Wow, there’s a switch. 🙂 Seriously though he’s right. Too many matches today resemble more of a gymnastics floor-exercise than a wrestling match. It seems like they are trying to get points for how many spectacular moves they can do, rather than telling a story and letting a spectacular-move here and there be part of that story.

    Way too many false-finishes in matches to where no one is even selling each others moves anymore. Especially in the independents. There are some that still do it right and it all depends on the promotor. One of the local independent feds where I live (Brew City Wrestling) ran by Frankie Defalco, they really give it 100%. I’ve always been highly entertained by their matches and they still do good story telling.

    One problem though is that the attention-spans of people nowadays is very limited so they don’t have the patience we did back in the 80s and 90s to see good story-telling in a match.