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Jim Cornette unloads about Sexy Star’s shoot on Rosemary

Jim Cornette speaks about wrestling.

It seems everyone has an opinion of Sexy Star right now and it’s not a good one. In case you’re not aware Sexy Star seemed to intentionally pop Rosemary’s arm out of socket after their match at TripleMania. It enraged fans and people in the pro wrestling business alike.

One person who was especially upset about Sexy Star’s decision to shoot was Jim Cornette. He decided to let his opinion known on a recent episode of The Jim Cornette Experience.

“Sexy Star, what’s her f-cking major malfunction? Do we know yet just why she went nuts and dislocated — and I met Rosemary at the Global Force Wrestling tapings and she seemed to be a very nice girl so obviously I’m not trying to figure out which one we need to blame I’m trying to figure out why this girl went nuts.”

“I liked Cody Rhodes tweeted ‘this girl will never share any locker room of mine’ which I found was very — more people oughta do that. Because that’s what we’ve been talking about lately¬†when the boys used to when some idiot did something stupid whether it be an invisible hand grenade and expose the buisness¬†or hurt somebody the boys would take matters into their own hands and say ‘no, you ain’t welcomed around here.’ So I’m in favor of that.”

“Apparently she was shooting with one of the other girls when did the girls — what were they trained by f-cking Robinson and Gotch?! What the f-ck? She was shooting, fighting, however girls shoot and fight with another one of the girls, it was a six-girl tag team match I guess. Then she gets poor Rosemary who wasn’t doing anything to anybody and yanks her arm out and dislocates her arm. And then they made her apologize to Rosemary in the locker room from what was reported but then they made her leave the building because the girl she was shooting with earlier was looking to continue things which that would have been interesting to get a camera on.”

Credit for the quotes in this article goes to The Jim Cornette Experience and for the transcription