Jim Ross Says AJ Stole The Show On Raw, Discusses Tyson Kidd and Paul Heyman

Jim Ross has published a new blog entry on his official website, which includes his thoughts on this week’s episode of Raw SuperShow. Highlights are as follows:



Tyson Kidd’s appearance on Raw SuperShow: “Always enjoy see Tyson Kidd getting valuable minutes of TV time on RAW. Too many fans over think the various scenarios of the fact that that simply if one is fortunate enough to get on RAW and to leave with a memorable moment or performance it’s a good thing. Yes, the Calgary Kid is maximizing his minutes.”

Paul Heyman’s appearance on Raw SuperShow: “Paul Heyman is SO easily to dislike and so is hisTV persona….just kidding.”

Who he feels stole the show this week on Raw SuperShow: “Opening segment with promo work from several culminating with action. I thought that Chris Jericho and Daniel Bryan stole the verbal show in the first segment of the broadcast.

“For my money AJ stole the show Monday night. Her crazy train, dementia riddled, girl next door persona is working. AJ makes Glenn Close’s character in ‘Fatal Attraction’ look like Paula Deen. When is the last time that a female garnered the closing shot on a Raw episode? AJ’s image was the last one we saw from the arena Monday night. I remember the RAW that Trish and Lita closed the show in a memorable bout. What else from the ladies has closed the show on RAW?”

Ross also discusses the passing of Andy Griffith, Legends of Wrestling on WWE Classics On Demand, his Main Event Mustard and more. His full entry is available here.

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