Jim Ross Announcing Today, Andy Leavine Note, Miz Talks Wrestling

– NBCSports.com has an article on Andy Leavine’s football aspirations at this link.



– The Miz was asked what he liked best about wrestling during an interview in Denver,CO with The Westword.

“I love the fact that I get to travel all over the world — I’ve gone everywhere all over America,” Miz replied. “I’ve been to China, Mexico, Europe and Australia. I’ve gotten to see the world through the WWE. Not only that, when I come out onto the stage, I get to hear the reaction of the crowd. Let me tell you something: You might not know this, but a few months ago, people were booing me. They were telling me I sucked and they hated me. But now, they’re embracing me. It’s a whole newfound glory and I’m loving every second of it.”

– Jim Ross will be broadcasting the second quarter of the Boston Celtics – Oklahoma City Thunder game this afternoon.

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