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Jim Ross believes Daniel Bryan is just trolling fans online

Daniel Bryan

Recently there have been lots of talks about the possibilities of SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan making his in-ring return.

These talks first started when Bryan himself stated in an interview that he is ‘working on’ his Return. Though if we believe to WWE Legend Jim Ross, Bryan is just trolling fans online.

In his latest Blog post, Ross talked about the recent comments of Bryan and speculated that Daniel is just having fun by trolling the WWE Universe:

“Seems as if Daniel Bryan is having some fun trolling social media as he teases a return to the ring which I seriously doubt will or should ever happen. If his existing medical condition put DB in a higher risk category, then he needs to be the responsible husband and father and refrain from lacing up his boots again. Don’t get me wrong, if DB could safely resume his career I’d be all for it as he is one of the great talents in recent memory.”

While whether or not Daniel Bryan returns to ring is something which will be revealed only in future, for now, the comments of Brian does not seem to be completely out of place unlike what Ross believes.

Talking about the SmackDown GM Dave Meltzer recently revealed that he had some tests done back in April this year which might have changed his perspective, and it’s very much possible that the WWE Star may have a roadmap of his in-ring return in mind.

  • D2K

    Jim Ross’ “opinion” is not news. He isn’t telling us anything we don’t already know. Ross also always loves to look at the general consensus of a topic is, then go stark contrast to that to draw attention to himself.

    Whether he or any of us think he should is besides the point. Bryan thinks he can still wrestle, that he should still wrestle, and his personal doctors have cleared him to do so. When his WWE contract is up, that’s what he will be doing……….elsewhere.