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Jim Ross believes Jon Moxley is the biggest get for AEW

Jimm Ross on Matt Hardy

While Chris Jericho was the first big established name AEW signed, Jon Moxley was the first big star to actually jump ships from WWE to AEW because Jericho had already been making indie appearances before signing with the promotion.

During a recent episode of Busted Open Radio, JR talked about a number of things including not being a fan of Fyter Fest’s pre show and more.

While talking about Moxley, the former WWE Star and Wrestling Legend claimed that it’s the biggest get for the company and Moxley is full of energy:

“It is the biggest get for us I think, the timeliness of him coming fresh off WWE television, I know he wasn’t always happy with his creative, but he spent a lot of time on TV, had eyes on him and he has name recognition. He is young, athletic and passionate. He comes to work with a chip on his shoulder. He is full of energy. He is a big get, his passion and work ethic rubs off on the other guys.”

Apart from this, Jim Ross also talked about how AEW is a new company and they need to learn a lot of things and praised his broadcast partners on the AEW commentary team.

  • CC

    From a purely news worthy point of view, yes Moxley is a huge deal, especially when you consider his debut.
    But with the likes of Omega and Jericho on the card, it will be interesting to see if Moxley can maintain this huge star status he has gained by jumping ship.

    I have always been a fan of Ambrose/Moxley but I would question him being the biggest “get” long term.
    It got people talking for sure, but then again so did Shawn Spears chair shot.

  • Soulshroude

    The funny part is that the “second language is English” audience doesn’t actually realize what the term “get”, means. ” Catch”, “get”, “grab”, et AL, etc.; Signing.

    In my view, J.R. is “downright” wrong. Moxley may be a cash grab wrestler because of his popularity, but I think Jericho would absolutely and formally conjecture this statement with any other name to allude to the fact that AEW doesn’t care about who’s name’s on top.