Jim Ross Blog: Chael Sonnen to WWE, Kevin Nash’s Birthday, and More

Jim Ross is back with another blog, here are some highlights.



Rumors of Chael Sonnen to WWE: “I see Sonnen, the admitted pro wrestling fan, sticking with UFC. I believe that Chael is a star, an attraction and UFC isn’t overloaded with marketable star power at the moment. No company that hangs their hats on PPV revenue is over loaded with star power as these special athletes/performers who more the needle don’t grow on trees nor can they be developed over night.

“Chael is 35, very late to begin a career at the highest level of sports entertainment, WWE. Is it too late? Probably not but ‘we’re burning daylight’ here. I’m guessing Sonnen has 3-5 viable fights left in him which would take him until he’s 37-38 years of age. If I were advising Chael I’d recommend that he stick with UFC and keep making those significant pay days in a sport that he has trained for years in which to become excellent plus no one in UFC can sell a fight/event like Chael Sonnen. That works behind a mic too and it’s obvious that UFC has little to no broadcasting depth at this time.

“So the ‘Sonnen to WWE’ rumor is just that as far as I’m concerned and I will believe that the ‘American Gangster’ is WWE bound when I see him walk on RAW. Not before.”

Kevin Nash: “Happy Birthday to my old friend @RealKevinNash who turned 53 today and has two major motion pictures in theaters at this time. Back in the day WCW honchos did not think that Kevin speak well until they heard him on my WSB Radio Show in the early 90’s. His nWo attitude was well in place long before he was ever able to utilize it.”

Most underrated commentator he’s worked with: “I’d say Terry Funk. He was funny as hell, understood every facet of the business, paid attention to the story being told in the ring, and was much more interested in getting the talent ‘over’ than himself. We had some great broadcasts together in WCW. Terry is rarely thought of as a broadcaster as his in ring skills were so extraordinary. The Funker was one of the absolute best in ring talents that I ever saw. It was an honor to work with him even if he was from Texas. :)”

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