Jim Ross Blog: HHH and Taker’s Past, Money in the Bank, Regal, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog on jrsbarbq.com. Here are some of the highlights:



– There are plenty of good seats remaining for this Sunday’s WWE live Raw event in OKC at the arena starting at $15. I’ll be doing the ring announcing for one match as I understand it. Perhaps Michael Cole will unexpectedly show up and join the party.

– William Regal did a nice job for his first outing as the new color commentator on NXT along side Todd Grisham. It’s obvious that WWE is looking at various combinations at the announce table in preparing for the future. Smart move by WWE but everyone has to realize that chemistry takes time and that it may never happen for some broadcast teams. Also, all announce talents need to understand that they have to invest more time on their job away from the actual taping of the programs that they appear on than they do on ‘TV day.’

– It looks as if a MITB Ladder match at WM27 appears to be a long shot. Before I would think about joining those that have already indicted the unannounced under card I think that I will reserve my opinions until I actually see the card. Appearing on the WM27 under card is a big deal in my eyes and provides talents with valuable minutes to maximize on the biggest stage of their professional lives and this can be accomplished in something other than a flying, crash fest.

– Why hasn’t WM17 been mentioned in the build up of the anxiously anticipated HHH vs. Undertaker match at WM28? I don’t know nor does it adversely affect how I am looking forward to this match. Who’s to say that WM17 won’t be mentioned before WM27? I don’t know that info. At the end of the day, is it that big an issue? I’m much more interested to see what the two future WWE HOF’er do in the Georgia Dome that what they did a decade ago in the Astrodome.

– Looks like my friend JBL was only in for a cameo on Raw Monday night. It would take a mighty nice offer/role for John Layfield to leave the golf course and resume any travel of merit.

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