Jim Ross Blog: Orton-Cena Royal Rumble Bout, “Old School RAW”, Special Summer Rae

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with a new blog on jrsbarbq.com featuring thoughts on the last RAW of 2013 and more. Here are some highlights:



– Enjoyed Stephanie’s explanation of the Title bout at the Rumble between Orton and Cena. It felt old school and fundamental which I feel the business could better serve itself by getting back to in some aspects. She made an old match feel fresh.

– How cool would it be to see Hulk Hogan next Monday night in Baltimore? That’s the epitome of ‘Old School” booking for this themed RAW. (Someone has already said out loud, (“NO! Save Hulk for PPV!”) One would expect WWE will have a few surprises up their sleeve for Monday night as it relates to the old school talents.

However, having Ric Flair on the show makes it feel very special. I haven’t seen Naitch since Summer Slam but that’s another story….

– Summer Rae is looking more and more like a major player every week. She is a good athlete and judging from her work in the ring that I saw in NXT, Summer Rae can be special.

– Daniel Bryan is a genuine work horse but I still don’t know exactly what I saw as he left the arena Monday night with the Wyatt Family.

Will Bryan now become a pro wrestling ‘villain’ within the Wyatt faction or will Bryan continue to elicit cheers because the fans love chanting “Yes!”?

Are the Wyatt’s an antagonist entity or are they simply, bizarrely cool?

What heinous acts have the Wyatt’s perpetrated lately to make them disliked?

Or does it matter? Just asking…

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