Jim Ross Blogs On His Recent Trip to FCW and Development of New Stars

– Jim Ross has a new blog up, discussing his recent trip to FCW, below is an excerpt…



I’m having a great time visiting FCW in Tampa. The development of new stars is a HUGE priority for WWE. What’s more important as it relate to in ring talent? Nothing. The combined staff at FCW is doing a really solid job teaching fundamentals to some promising youngsters.

The Wednesday promo class, where the individuals have the opportunity to create their own verbiage was excellent. Some talents were highly entertaining and spot on from where I was sitting. This area has improved greatly since I was last in Tampa.

I had a long talk w/ the group about the responsibilities that come w/ being a WWE Superstar which is everyone at FCW’s goal. In my personal opinion, individuals making poor or selfishly bad personal decisions have opened the door leading to their own exit. Humans make mistakes and should be provided second chances, as a rule, but some issues merit immediate dismissal. Don’t want to come off as a hardass but this generation in general seems to be more prone to bonehead mistakes and errors in judgment…see Braylon Edwards of the NY Jets, for example. Simply ‘do right’ and all usually works out as it should.

WWE has assembled a nice roster in Tampa that possesses plenty of upside that should evolve in time. Patience, hard work, outside the ring study, gym work, and upping the passion will help many of the better athletes find their way to the big time. I think that I may have perhaps been a coach in a different life as I really enjoy interacting w/ the young talents. I sure hope that I’ve been able to help them.

I will be back here on a monthly basis which is the only way that I can accurately determine who’s improving and at what rate.

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