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Jim Ross Comments On Kharma’s Return, Tyson Entering WWE HOF, Road Dogg

Jim Ross has published a new blog entry on his official website with thoughts regarding the Royal Rumble. Highlights are as follows:

Mike Tyson’s entry into the WWE Hall of Fame: “ has officially announced that Mike Tyson will go into the ‘CELEBRITY WING’ of the WWE HOF which will still get some fanatics ranting about Macho Man and others who haven’t been inducted….yet. It’s like comparing BBQ Sauce to Chipotle Ketchup. Tyson was a key role player in the Attitude Era specifically his interaction with @steveaustinBSR and DX. Iron Mike is also a true, wrestling fan and grew up following WWWF and guys like Jay Strongbow among others.”

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan appearing at the Royal Rumble: “Huge pop for Jim Duggan in St. Louis. Loved the love for hacksaw. For newbies, if you’ve never seen Hack in action for Cowboy Bill Watts in Mid South Wrestling you missed something. Duggan was positioned much differently than he was in his WWE run. What a physically dominate dude who was New York State heavyweight, high school champion and earned a full ride as an offensive lineman at SMU in Dallas. Loved his ham-like right hands Sunday night.”

Kharma appearing at the Royal Rumble: “Great to see Kharma return. That one was a big surprise for me. I love her work and am pleased to see her back. She’s an impact player and not a ‘Diva’ in the stereotypical sense. Instead Kharma is a wrestling attraction meaning that she has more longevity and will sell more tickets that being more about sizzle than steak. When we first met many, many years ago, WWE was looking for Playboy covergirls and not wrestling attractions which is why I told her, honestly BTW, that she wasn’t a ‘Diva’ but she was/is a wrestler and I love that about her.”

Road Dogg’s performance at the Royal Rumble: “Road Dogg still has ‘it.’ Great charisma and natural, Armstrong timing. Very pleased to see him in the Rumble. One of the best personal gifts one can receive is seeing someone that they truly enjoy being around get their personal life under control and turn the corner. Brian has done just that and my hats off to him. I’m very proud of Brian James.”

  • venom

    It was cool to see Road Dogg in the Rumble.

  • nick

    ooo you didnt knowww

  • ice-cream bar SUPERstar

    I watched a shoot from about 5 years ago where Road Dogg was basically calling JR a piece of shit and a liar and saying he would beat the fuck out of Triple H if he ever saw him again. Now they’re all one happy family…..Fuckin wrestlers.

  • Cormsoish


    Can’t be, Mark Henry only fathers hands.

  • bb

    i wonder kharma’s baby’ daddy?????? maybe mark henry lol

  • centerman

    I kinda liked the surprise entrants into the Rumble also. Devil_Rising, I was thinking too that Kong/Kharma came back very soon also. Maybe too soon for the baby’s sake.

  • bring back outlaws

    How good was road dogg at the rumble.. outlaws return would b great there both sober come on wwe!!

  • poko

    Interesting to see Kharma return to the Rumble, though with her not being mentioned on RAW, it makes me think she isn’t really “back” yet. Pretty amazing, regardless, since she gave birth almost exactly a month ago. She’s a great athlete, though she doesn’t look it now–in Japan she was much more trim and agile, at least for awhile.

    Hopefully she can get a decent push, something they COMPLETELY failed to do with the Divas of Doom.

  • Devil_Rising

    Glad to see Kong back. Kinda surprised though….I mean…she must’ve JUST had the baby. So what, is she taking it on the road with her or something?

  • VenomEX

    i was half expecting james kip to join him……but that man’s head is so far up his own ass he wouldn’t be able to get into the ring