Jim Ross Comments on Lawler’s Push, Tough Enough Airings & the HOF

– Jim Ross is back with another blog on jrsbarbq.com. Here are some highlights from this entry:



Jerry Lawler:
“Emailer…For any wrestling fan to begrudge Jerry Lawler of getting the opportunities that are coming his way that hopefully lead to his first ever Wrestlemania bout is senseless and embarrassing to even address. It’s beyond stupidity. King has been entertaining fans for 40 years and working in WWE for 18 years. If Jerry Lawler hasn’t earned his opportunity to perform at Wrestlemania then no one in WWE has. No one.

In today’s transitional marketplace where many younger talents are being given to the ball to run with and being provided, for many, with pre-mature opportunities, Lawler is arguably in the top three of all the fan favorites on Monday Night Raw along with John Cena and Randy Orton. King knows his craft, is a master in-ring psychologist, and will make who ever he performs with better.”

Tough Enough Airings:
“Good to see that USA Network is going to air the new, Tough Enough three times a week. As I have said before, Tough Enough is a major priority for WWE/USA Network and they are relying on a battle tested, outside production company to make this version of the reality show hot.”

Hall of Fame Airing on Monday:
“I like the idea of USA broadcasting the WWE HOF Induction Ceremony on Monday night prior to MNR that follows WM27. The show will be slicker, better edited/produced and should be a fast paced, one hour show. I wonder if www.wwe.com will carry the 2011 HOF Induction Ceremony live on line on Saturday night?”

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