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Jim Ross explains the problem with Punjabi Prison match

Panjabi Prison Jim Ross

It’s safe to say that a vast majority of WWE Fans didn’t find the Punjabi Prison match at Battleground as entertaining as WWE promoted it to be despite the fact that it was one of the rarely seen matches in WWE.

In his latest blog post, WWE Legend Jim Ross spoke up about the bout and explained why it was hard for the audience to be emotionally invested in such kind of matchup:

“Any time two major, main event level matches have little to no ‘near falls’ included due to the structure of their match i.e. the Punjabi Prison bout and the Flag Match, it’s a risky premise. I’m still not sure that I could pass a quiz on the rules of the Punjabi Prison match, which had challenging sight lines for TV through all the bamboo, etc. Those basic challenges can make it hard for the live audience to emotionally invest.”

JR also talked about the Fatal Five Way Elimination match at the PPV and said that he was surprised but not displeased with the victory of Natalya:

“Surprised that Nattie won the women’s bout, but not displeased. Many fans are complaining that Charlotte did not win but that was not a concern for me as its simply a matter of getting more talents, in this case Nattie, better ready for higher profile bookings. Charlotte is ‘ready’ whether she won Sunday night or not but Charlotte needs more, viable opponents going forward and Nattie, for one, can certainly fill that void.”

  • jedi

    Love Ross but at this point he has problems remembering the names of the wrestlers in front of him let alone the rules of a match that has only happened twice before.

  • CC

    Sick to the back teeth of Charlotte (and to a lesser extent Bayley and Sasha too) at the moment, so glad Natalya got the win. The womens divisions need more variety, not the same old faces always competing for the title. Bliss has been booked really well on both SD and now Raw, so as of yet has not outstayed her welcome in the title picture, but the rest of the women seem to take a back seat all the time with the exception of Bayley, Charlotte and Sasha. (still at least its not the Bellas this time).
    Naomi does not work as a champ though. She just does not have the fans behind her like she should (her commentary on Sunday for instance really did her no favours).
    Natalya could actually do a hell of a lot to help get the likes of Naomi into a better position (a face always works better chasing the title).

    Hell, I would even rather see Nia Jax at the top, even though she is awful. At least then they have a monster to dethrone.