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Jim Ross feels SmackDown Women’s title match should main event WWE Evolution

With the first ever all-women pay-per-view Evolution closing by, Jim Ross offered his thoughts on the event. During the latest episode of The Ross Report, Ross claimed that the rivalry between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair is on the level of the legendary feud between Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair which is why it deserves to main event Evolution. Ross said:

“Let me tell you, nothing tops, again, the Becky and Charlotte storyline, and I just believe they have great chemistry. They have that great rivalry. It’s great stuff folks. Enjoy it while it’s here, while it’s going on. That’s one of the great rivalries. That’s like Dusty and Naitch. It’s just one of those rivalries that seemingly has no end, so I don’t want this to end, but we know it will. But, boy, in the meantime, I’m going to eat up all of it that I can. Without a doubt.”

Ross also stated his ideal choice for the opener at the event as the tag team bout of Trish Stratus and Lita taking on Mickie James and Alicia Fox. Ross stated:

I’m looking forward to that match. That match could go on first as far as I’m concerned. Why not? Star power kicking it off.

  • Vincent Dale

    I corrected the spelling of tagged to tag team and highlighted and backspaced the rest. I come here for the news and expect people who do journalism as a job to do their job. I wouldn’t expect someone to come to me for heart surgery and be okay if I took out their spleen instead. I admitted to my typing mistake. I’ll chalk it down to working a double shift and I imagine it was probably the same for the writer too.

  • Unique

    What exactly did you mistype? I think you just made a mistake… and that’s ok. I understand that this site makes it’s fair share of mistakes…but why do you come here? To check spelling and grammar or to get wrestling news. If you aren’t happy with it, there are many other places you could go. For years all your comments have been regarding spelling and grammar. How about you give us your opinion on the wrestling? That’s why we are all here.

  • Vincent Dale

    I did read it. I mistyped after finishing a double shift on the ward, so I made a typing mistake too, but I don’t get paid to do this. Where did he say the Smackdown match should main event? Where’s the quote? That’s the first rule of journalism. There’s only a quote about who should open the event. No excuse for not knowing how to do your job.

  • Rinn13

    Charlotte has been the focus of whatever women’s title for what feels like years now. Enough is enough, honestly. She’s not even all THAT great in the ring. There are several ladies in WWE that are far better, that should get more spotlight, like Heidi Lovelace (Ruby).

  • Unique

    Did you read it? He said Trish and Lita could go on first. Probably should practice your comprehension skills before attacking someone’s writing. That’s….well….just embarrassing.

  • Vincent Dale

    He said it should go on first. Not main event. Please stop being this bad at your job, there’s no defence. It’s not trolling, it’s just embarrassing.

  • CC

    As much as I love Becky, I do not think this feud is anywhere near legendary status, and will never be.
    That said, it does deserve to be the main event as this is two actual proper female wrestlers who have put in the work over the years to deserve it.
    Sadly though, from an external point of view, Rousey is a bigger draw. (I refuse to say Bella is because I still think the only people who watch shows like Total Diva’s are wrestling fans anyway)