Jim Ross Not A Fan Of Upcoming RAW Guest Host, Sheamus’ Title Shot and more

– Jim Ross’ has a new blog up at http://www.jrsbarbq.com/ – the following are among the highlights:



* I am pleased that I will not be on the air in Dallas when Dallas Mavs owner Mark Cuban will be the guest GM in early December and be forced to have to say the obligatory “I love Mark Cuban” or “Mark Cuban is a great guest GM.” Cuban may well hit a home run and I hope for the show’s sake that he does. Cuban is without question an entertaining personality who loves the soundbyte, sports world and getting on referees during NBA games but he also tried to kill OKC’s chances of getting a NBA franchise. The NBA’s OKC Thunder helps the community in which I live and they do great things within the community for many, under privileged youngsters.

* In a totally biased and egocentric statement, I still feel the best broadcast team ever in WWE was The King and JR. Hey, I said I was biased so lighten up Francis.

* I still think that it’s a good thing to see Sheamus getting a shot at a PPV main event which will occur in a Tables Match for the WWE Title against John Cena. Some fans have written us that they don’t like it and that Sheamus is the wrong, young guy to get this opportunity. I feel that Sheamus’ “sizzle” is a work in progress just like every other young wrestler but I also know conclusively that Sheamus will bring the steak and physicality to his match with Cena.

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