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Jim Ross on Greatest Royal Rumble: “I wish we had the chance to call one match”

Jim Ross

Jim Ross and his longtime cohort Jerry “The King” Lawler were a part of the Greatest Royal Rumble event which took place back in April. The duo, however, were not part of the commentary team. Instead, King and JR sat at the panel, working the Kickoff show and debating possible outcomes of the matches in the night.

Ross and the King discussed the event on The Ross Report, and good ol’ JR admitted to having a regret in regards to the show. (Credit to WrestlingInc for transcription)

I wish we would have had the chance to call one match. And I think, hopefully, the guys – Cole, Graves and Byron – could have used that match to go refresh themselves, so to speak. You know, really stretch your legs, go to the bathroom, and we could’ve done the match.

I think we would have done great. But, that was not the call, or the plays that were run by the coach, so we do what we did. But that’s my only regret, that we didn’t get to call a match. I’d like to have done one match with you in Saudi.

It would’ve been nice to see JR and King call a match in Saudi Arabia. Maybe not the Rumble match, but they could’ve done well with the Intercontinental Championship match.

  • CC

    I might not be a fan of some of the commentary teams, but this is their job now. Regardless of how you put it, putting JR and King in for a match would be semi-disrespectful. Those two had their time, now its the new guys time.

    And to be honest, I cannot abide Lawler on commentary. He has always been bad, but the last few years of his time on commentary, he was down right awful. Rarely actually talks about what is happening in the ring, and when he does, he gets everything wrong.

  • HBK

    Should of done either takers match or hhh vs cena!!!!