Jim Ross on how AEW can avoid becoming WCW: “They’ve got to continue to create stars”

On a recent episode of the Ross Report, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross discussed All Elite Wrestling. Ross feels that AEW has a lot of potential, but they need to be wary of the same problems that haunted WCW during the Monday Night Wars.



We saw back then that WCW was more focused on bringing in stars that had already made a mark on the industry instead of focusing on the incredible talents working their undercard, with most of them joining the WWE after feeling they would never be used properly. And while AEW has managed to bring in some of the best stars in the industry today, Ross believes that they need to focus on the stars of tomorrow.

Well, they’ve got to continue to create stars. They’ve got to continue to provide something new and exciting and talented to the fanbase. They’ve got to have a great television clearance as they start their weekly run this fall, I am told or as I read.

Ross said that they’ve done a great job of promoting themselves through social media, but when the time comes, they’re going to need to have to focus on bringing fans something new, and that includes the roster.

They’ve struck a chord with many on social media. Their footprint, thanks to their social media expertise, is serving them well. But the main thing is they’ve got to cultivate a talented roster.

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