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Jim Ross on how he can contribute to AEW, doing voiceover for video game

Jim Ross

Jim Ross on the recent episode of his podcast The Ross Report discussed what role he has been negotiating with All Elite Wrestling and how much one can make from video games.

Jim Ross has said before that his AEW deal will be finalized in a few days. On what role he is negotiating with the company, Ross said the following:

“We’re talking to AEW. I mentioned that before. They are an exciting young company. I’d like to think I could contribute to their success either at ringside, calling the play-by-play, or behind-the-scenes. Those details are still being discussed and when we get something finalized, I’m thinking within the next few days at most, we’ll let everybody know. So life is good, man. When one door closes, another door opens if you let it. And that’s my choice. Another door is opening and if all goes well, knock on wood, as I’m doing right now [knocks]. Hear it? I’m knocking on wood that everything’s cool. It’s going to be a good year.”

The topic of doing video game voice-over work came about due to Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore being featured in an upcoming video game, RetroMania Wrestling. Ross said that there’s a lot of money to be made if the game sells and revealed that he made “six-figures plus” on many occasions while working on WWE 2K games.

“I see where Tommy Dreamer is back in the news. Tommy’s House Of Hardcore will be in a video game, RetroMania Wrestling, so that’s going to be an interesting proposition, opportunity, I should say, for Tommy. He works hard, man. He’s a one-man band. But it could be a big deal. I can tell you this: I made six-figures plus on many occasions for my work on the 2K games for WWE. It’s a big deal, so if you’re lucky enough to get involved with the video games, and they sell, they’ve got to sell – it wasn’t like appearance money. It was like part of your royalties. The more they sold, the more you made.”

Transcription by Wrestling Inc