Jim Ross On Sheamus’ Shock Title Win, How One Big Feud Lost Momentum and more

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Sheamus Winning The WWE Championship: “Sheamus upsetting John Cena to win the WWE Title was a MAJOR shock to me. I mentioned in an earlier blog on Sunday that I liked surprises, especially surprises that are logical and believable, and this surpirse was that and more and really caught me off guard. Good stuff. It reminded me somewhat of many years ago when Stone Cold was red hot and he lost the WWE Title to Kane in a ‘First Blood’ match. Sheamus’ victory is a huge and bold step in the right direction for another, young talent. It will be interesting to see what sort of publicity is generated in Ireland as a result of Sheamus becoming the WWE Champion.”

Orton vs. Kingston Feud: “Funny…but it seemed to me watching at home that the Orton-Kofi issue was hotter a few weeks ago than it was Sunday night on PPV. It just might have been the crowd getting restless or looking ahead to the TLC bout. However, I thought the match was really solid and I was surprised that Orton won. Nonetheless I think that Kofi accounted himself well and is ‘this close’ to being perceived as a full time main eventer. Even if Kofi had won I would have said the same thing. It just takes time to get to the next level but I do feel that Kofi has had some outstanding exposure on Raw the past few weeks especially around the time Kofi defaced Orton’s NASCAR.”

Last Night’s Three-Man Announce Team: “The three man announce booth is challenging especially when the three man team doesn’t regularly work with each other. I enjoyed the announcing of the trio tonight better than I did at the Survivor Serieswhich would indicate that Cole, Lawler, and Striker were more comfortable working with each other in San Antonio. ‘Comfort’ and ‘finding one’s zone’ are crucial when broadcasting live TV.”

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