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Jim Ross Praises TNA Product, Recalls Undertaker vs. Mick Foley Hell In A Cell Match

Below are highlights from Jim Ross’ latest blog over at

Undertaker vs. Mick Foley Hell In a Cell Match:

“My feature for will be posted next week and the focus is the Hell in a Cell match between Taker and Mick Foley in 1998 which is arguably the most memorable match in the history or WWE and if it’s not it is certainly in the top five. Mick told me the one thing that he never did that he wanted to do was drop an elbow off the top of the TV production truck onto another vehicle. During the research aspect of the piece Taker said he originally wanted nothing to do with the spot where he tossed Mick off the top of the Cell but that Mick was very persuasive with his idea to both the Deadman and Vince McMahon. I think that you will enjoy the feature and I will tweet out the link when it becomes available.”

TNA Impact:

“Impact Wrestling is providing their fans with a much more enjoyable product by not over thinking their creative, exploiting their talents’ strengths (the in ring content) and doing their best to hide talents weaknesses. It’s not rocket science and by eliminating un-needed skits and marathon promos the two hour broadcast has became a really enjoyable show by and large. I’m hopeful as all wrestling fans should be that Impact Wrestling finds a welcoming TV home for 2015.”

Lucha Underground

“Saw the Lucha Underground trailer and still don’t understand why they feel compelled to mention WWE stars in the trailer or why every wrestling company alive, seemingly, feels like they have to have a villain, administrative figure. No one will ever top Mr. McMahon in that role and every one who attempts it in that form are going to fall short. HHH and Stephanie do a terrific job in the Authority role but those two having conflicts would add to the presentation and make the role more contemporary.”

  • poko

    Impact has been excellent over the last couple of months, easily better than RAW. It’s a shame that the rise in quality didn’t happen sooner.