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Jim Ross provides explanation regarding his AEW schedule

Jimm Ross on Matt Hardy

Once AEW will make its television debut on TNT on October 2nd this year, Jim Ross will be the main commentator for the company.  Jim Ross is looking forward to starting his work for the company.

While talking about AEW’s debut show on TNT on Grillin’ JR, the WWE Hall Of Famer went into detail regarding what his new weekly schedule will look like once AEW makes its television debut

“That means that my life will change. I’ll be leaving my home here in Norman every Tuesday, Tuesday morning. And get to the site for our event on Tuesday. Have a production meeting Tuesday night, and then do the show live on Wednesday and come home. But that’s gonna be every week. There’s no off-season, as we all know. We’ve talked about that ad neaseum. So I like the Wednesday.”

Life in professional wrestling is a hectic one for everyone involved and that includes announcers. Jim Ross will be one of the main parts of AEW’s television show.

We will get to know whether the landscape of professional wrestling will change once AEW starts its show this year. Till then, we will keep you updated on any news regarding AEW’s television show.

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