Jim Ross Q&A: Has Punk Surpassed HBK?, Foley’s Hell In a Cell Spot, Ryback Rumors, More

– WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his Q&A section again this week. Here are some highlights:



Has CM Punk surpassed Shawn Michaels? You could argue that on the mic he certainly has surpassed Michaels and Triple H as well. His comments don’t hurt anyone; he’s just entertaining, similar to The Rock and Austin. He’s just not lucky enough to be part of an exiting era in wrestling. But what about his in-ring work? Is he ahead of HBK or does need some more years to accomplish that? You are comparing apples to oranges, so to speak. Punk has not surpassed HBK in the ring as no one has in my view. The two are different entirely entities but both are big time players.

The spots where Undertaker threw Mankind off the cell through the Spanish Announce Table and chokeslammed him through the cell roof, did you and Lawler know they were coming? We were unaware that Foley was coming off the Cell as I’ve answered many times before. The less we knew about what was going to take place the better we were as a team.

Which title has more prestige – the Intercontinental or United States? Hmmm…I’d guess long time WWE fans would favor the IC Title but that’s merely my opinion. It also likely matters on who the particularly champion is.

Rumors of Ryback under heat for using Goldberg’s wrestling maneuvers: I don’t know how to comment on internet rumors plus I’m no longer with WWE or around the talents to know what is going on. Ryback seems to have potential but he’s still a on going work in progress.

Why do you think WWE never used cruiserweights like Psychosis and Ultimo Dragon and Juventud Guerrera in more effective ways like they were in WCW? Company philosophy inasmuch as labeling talents as cruiserweights or light heavyweights, etc puts an unfair and inaccurate less than positive label on them. Plus, talents that could not adequately verbalize in English wold have had issues getting and staying in the main event level.

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