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Jim Ross on how his return to WWE happened, what the future holds

Sam Gardner has chronicled Jim Ross’ return to WWE and his WrestleMania weekend in an article on the FOX Sports website, with the Hall of Fame announcer indicating his appearance at Mania was not a last-minute decision.

“To be on the card at WrestleMania is not a right,” Ross said. “It’s really, indeed, a privilege, and I was very happy that WWE reached out and wanted to, as they say, in their own words, bring me home. That conversation began months ago, and my wife was so excited about the prospects and about the potential of us coming to WrestleMania. She wanted to get dressed up and walk the red carpet at the Hall of Fame, and she wanted to hear me get introduced and to see my walk out and call a match. That was her dream, and I shared that dream, which is one of the reasons I was so willing to come here.”

JR also states that he has signed a two-year deal with WWE:

“It has a specific number of dates that I’m obligated to work, which I think is good for me,” he said. “So look at it this way: I got my jersey back. I got brought back to my home team, and my opportunities back in WWE, I’m sure, will be multi-fold. They’ve got a lot of things that I can contribute (to), and I’ve been so blessed in the business that I’ve done so many different things. I’ve been an administrator and a syndicator, a marketing rep, a VP of broadcasting, a head of talent relations. But the fun part is what I did tonight. I hope to have more ‘fun part’ assignments in the future, but I’ve got my jersey back. So if the team needs me to play, to work more than they anticipated because they need it, I’m in.”

  • Darrin Tyler

    I want to believe.

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  • CC

    I hope Lawler never returns. Last night was just more proof he has no place behind a commentary desk in the modern age. The last time he was even remotely decent was probably before he walked out after Kat was fired. He was a terrible face commentator, and even when they tried to switch him heel before they removed him, he was not his old self.

  • Buzzkiller73

    That would be great but I would like to see him work with the younger announcers like Graves and Phillips. Renee Young needs to be in there somewhere as well. They could learn alot from one of the greats and keep the flame alive for the future.

  • ROB-1.

    I would hope that they would put back on Raw, JR & Lawler.

  • I wonder what this means for him and NJPW?

  • Buzzkiller73

    This is so awesome. Finally the WWE and JR bury the hatchet and JR returns where he belongs.