Jim Ross reveals he was in talks with Impact Wrestling before returning at WrestleMania 33

It was an iconic moment when Jim Ross made his WWE return during WrestleMania 33 to call the match between Roman Reigns and the Undertaker.



However, in previous interviews, Ross has revealed that he signed the deal just a few days prior to the event and we almost missed an opportunity to hear him calling what presumably was the final match of Taker’s career.

Now on the latest episode of the Ross Report podcast, Jim revealed some more interesting details of the time he returned and claimed that he was in talks with TNA:

“Not that long ago, before I signed to return to WWE the Friday night before WrestleMania… My team was having ongoing business discussions with IMPACT Wrestling regarding the iTV project, which a lot of people know about, but also about me being the play-by-play voice for Slammiversary. And so that was in the works. We weren’t close to getting a deal done but the talks were ongoing.”

While Jim Ross has stated that he was not close to signing a deal with Impact Wrestling, one can only imagine how different it would have been if he had missed WrestleMania 33 and appeared on Slammiversary instead.

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