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Jim Ross Reveals Why He Chose To Leave WWE

  • gar216

    Dude, your opinion isn’t shared by everyone.

  • CC

    Oh come off it. His last few years on commentary in WWE were awful. He lived off his crappy catchphrases (govt mule, scolded dog etc) and constant BBQ sauce references.
    His “great years” are behind him, and while he can probably still do commentary he will never be as good as he used to be. He did not say he has “good” years ahead of him, he said “great” and that is why he is delusional.
    The guy is old school, and that is not what people want these days. We spend our time pissing and moaning about dinosaurs in the ring, but we should accept them behind the mic?

  • Charles

    I kinda wish they could hire tony schovanie from WCW. I liked him way better than Cole. I never liked cole.

  • Charles

    I think he would have been great doing nxt. He could have called great matches for all these young guys maybe have Lawler call them with him they could have promoted those younger guys better. The announce team in the company now just sucks. Get rid of Michael Cole he is so boring lol.

  • michae gokey

    He’s delusional because he’s 67 and thinks he has some good years in front of him? He’s 67 not 97. One of the most recognizable, if not THE most recognizable voices in the history of the business. A true professional. A galactic library of wrestling information. Yes, the young guns rule the game now. But that doesn’t mean that there’s no room at all for a guy like Ross.

  • CC

    While I understand that he is frustrated that he is not being used, I think he is kinda delusional that he has some great years left in him.
    His commentary work has deteriorated over the last few years he was used, and was painful to listen to (how many times can I hear him talk about BBQ sauce?). Still, he was nowhere near as bad as Lawler.