Jim Ross ‘Ruins’ Aleister Black AEW Debut

Jim Ross said during Aleister Black’s AEW Dynamite debut last night, “Tommy End or whatever he’s going to be called.” It was an anticlimactic call according to some fan criticism, and Black’s AEW name is Malakai Black. Despite this, we all know JR is the greatest announcer of all time. Watch video below.



WWE veteran star Shelton Benjamin has been part of Money In The Bank ladder matches and was involved in many high-flying spots. It turns out that he had once injured the former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre during the MITB ladder match. Roman Reigns ’Disappointed’ In Top Smackdown Star?

McIntyre made an appearance on WWE’s The Bump, and reminisced his past experiences with the Money in the Bank ladder match. His first Money in the Bank ladder match was at his first Wrestlemania in front of 80,000 fans.

The Scottish Warrior was the Intercontinental Champion at the time and he stated that it was a huge night for him.

Drew McIntyre reveals how Shelton Benjamin injured him

The Scottish psychopath opened up the former Hurt Business member and revealed how he had thrown a ladder at him, while he also revealed how it hurt him when Matt Hardy had pushed him off the ladder. He said:

“Shelton Benjamin picked up a ladder and he locked eyes with me. He threw the ladder at me and I lifted my forearms to protect myself as quickly as I could and it hit my forearms. That was the most unbelievable pain I felt in my life. My arms were black and blue for weeks but towards the end of the match I was going to take my big bump in the finish.

Matt Hardy was pushing over the ladder, I was at the top of the ladder and I imagined myself riding the ladder gracefully like Shawn or Razor, and landing on the top rope like a big gazelle. I stepped off the ladder and instead of a graceful fall, I violently plummeted cr*tch first on the top rope. I bounced back up and created about 55 different swear words that night,” Drew McIntyre stated.

McIntyre is set to take part in this year’s Money In The Bank ladder match and we will see it goes for him.

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