Jim Ross Runs Down Top Three WrestleMania 29 Matches

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has published a new blog entry on JrsBarbq.com discussing the top three matches at this year’s WrestleMania 29 pay-per-view event.



“What really is the main event of WM29? From a marketing standpoint the answer is obvious, @TheRock defending the WWE Title against @JohnCena…without question and hands down. However, that doesn’t mean that particular bout, which has the heavy responsibility of likely closing the near, four hour show, is dancing alone.

“Many fans are just as interested to see if ‘The Streak’ survives another year. Obviously, @CMPunk and @HeymanHustle feel that it won’t and that Father Time and Punk’s unique skill set can derail the most impressive accomplishment ever earned on the grandest stage of them all. Just curious, is being the man who finally beats the Undertaker at WrestleMania more of a lasting memory specifically to Punk’s legacy than is his long, 400+ day WWE title reign?

“Others are intrigued to see if #TripleH can derail the PPV performing juggernaut Brock Lesnar in a match driven by an intense, personal issue. Will Lesnar’s MMA skills be too much for the Cerebral Assassin to handle? I am very anxious to see the strategies utilized by both men which obviously are going to be dictated by the stipulations of the match.”

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