Jim Ross says Angle & Jordan could be heels, praises Braun Strowman

When Kurt Angle introduced Jason Jordan as his son a lot of people were left scratching their heads. On the WWE Network after Raw was off the air Jodan said he wanted to get everywhere he is on his own. He also said he wanted to be a champion and Kurt chimed in with an “it’s true.”



Jim Ross is a WWE Hall Of Famer who’s seen a lot in the pro wrestling business and he recently discussed the whole long-lost son angle from Raw on his blog.

“Might just be me but after watching the Rene Young interview, nicely done BTW, with Kurt Angle and his ‘son’ Jason Jordan on the @WWENetwork after RAW, I can easily see where Jordan and  ‘Dad” could be terrific villains down the road.”

Later on, Jim Ross went on to put over another guy who really doesn’t need much more praise because he’s already received a ton of it. Jim Ross really laid on the compliments to Braun Strowman and said it will be challenging for fans to eventually come around to boo The Monster Among Men.

“Based on what I saw Monday night on Raw regarding Braun Strowman, I can easily see WWE going all the way with the giant athlete from North Carolina. A Lesnar-Strowman high-level contest down the road is going to make a compelling main event and could elevate Strowman to the rarified air community.”

“Seems to me, simply by watching as a fan, that when Braun walked away from the ambulance crash of a few weeks ago, that he walked away as a ‘character ‘face’ or a least that’s  how I took it. Bottom line, it will be challenging for many fans to truly dislike this huge man. WWE has done a really nice job building Strowman to his current level.”

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