Jim Ross says Broken Matt Hardy has only one chance to make the gimmick work

After almost a year full of speculations and rumors, ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy finally made his WWE debut a few weeks ago and we got to see him making his in-ring debut this past Monday Night on Raw.



However, so far the character has received a mixed reaction from people and a lot of fans wonder if the gimmick will work in WWE in the longer run.

During his recent appearance on Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast, WWE Legend Jim Ross talked about this gimmick and said that Hardy has got only one chance to make it work:

“Matt has been around long enough and is tuned to the business in-depth enough to know where opportunities come and how fleeting they can be. He has one chance to make ‘Woken’ Matt Hardy work and he is in the process of it right now, so it has to work now because it won’t get the second reboot, in my opinion. And I’m not prophesying any failure. I like the persona because of just what [Roberts] said, he’s committed to it and it feels organic. It feels like he has had a metamorphosis of attitude, and theory, and mind, the whole nine yards.”

Apart from this, Ross also talked about how talents need to make a relationship with the Boss Vince McMahon and more.

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