Jim Ross Speaks on Going to TNA, Competition from TNA and Global iMPACT

– Jim Ross has updated the questions & answers section of his jrsbarbq.com website with a number of items talking about TNA.



There have been Internet reports for months that Jim Ross is considering jumping to TNA Wrestling when his WWE contract expires at the end of the year. According to the man himself, a run in TNA is highly unlikely. “Firstly, my contract expires sometime in December. Secondly, there have been no serious negotiations but WWE seems to want me to stick around and I prefer to do so as well. We’ll see how the negotiations proceed. I am fortunate that I have many options that have nothing to do with wrestling. Time will tell but don’t believe every thing you read about matters such as this.”

On the topic of whether TNA will ever reach the level of WWE and become a legitimate competitor, Ross doesn’t think that will happen either. He said, “there will be no WWE/TNA “war” in my view, unless a powerful TV network buys TNA and I haven’t heard that they are for sale.”

When asked about TNA’s Global iMPACT show from the Tokyo Dome and why WWE doesn’t do joint-shows with Japanese promotions overseas, Ross said, “WWE’s global branding is pretty amazing as it is. I’m not 100% sure what TNA got out of the Japanese deal but it did not blow me away and simply came off as a TV show from a unique locale.”

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