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Jim Ross talks about being forced by WWE to apologize for apparent racial comment about Coachman

Jim Ross

  • BAE-LEY’s buddy

    Agreed. Sounds like a situation in which JR should have just said “Sorry, that wasn’t my intention” and kept it moving. The bigger problem is that he didn’t seem to care how Coach (or the listening audience) could have perceived the remark and tried to brush it obviously with “OBVIOUSLY, I didn’t mean…”.

    Clearly if WWE, with its problematic history with race, felt the need to call him out on the remark then his intention wasn’t “obvious”. To call this a punishment is petty and dismissive.

  • CC

    One thing I will say is if he felt “forced” to apologise (and that is Harrisons words not Ross’), then that is the issue. If someone says you said something racist, and even if that was not the intent, just say “Sorry, that was not intended. Hope you did not take offense”. Nothing to cry about, and if Coachman accepts that, just move on.

    If it makes you feel demotivated, then I think you might just be a bit overly sensitive yourself.

    I think people have to realise that no matter what company you work for these days, if you say something that could be taken as racist, sexist or homophobic, you are going to get told off.

    I do not accept the current stance that everything is offensive, but no point getting all bent out of shape when someone tells you to say sorry for saying it.

    I think this one of the weaker potshots at WWE quite frankly as they have done far worse to JR over the years to make him feel small, and we all know the issues Moxley had as well.

  • F. Loyd B. Pippin

    While it can be racist to call a Black man “boy”, I don’t recall Taker having to apologize for saying it.