Jim Ross talks about being forced by WWE to apologize for apparent racial comment about Coachman

WWE carefully monitors everything that is said during the shows. Jim Ross interviewed Jon Moxley at Starrcast IV, where he talked about a time he said “boy” in a sentence that he meant for Jonathan Coachman. Ross did not mean it in any offensive way, but WWE decided to punish him for it.



Jim Ross talked about an issue he faced in WWE when he was talking to Jonathan “Coach” Coachman on-air, when he said something seemingly innocuous which WWE management thought sounded racist. He explained that he obviously did not mean it in that way and went on to say that he considers it an attempt by WWE to break him down. He greatly disliked this issue and thinks it is terrible for motivation. Jim Ross also compared this issue to what Moxley faced in WWE as he said that if WWE could not control someone, they tried to heavily comment on “every move you made.”

According to Jon Moxley, it “felt like high school like you’re afraid of getting in trouble and sh*t, it’s weird.”

The way WWE operates things certainly is not for everyone and Jim Ross was on the receiving end of it throughout his time in WWE.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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