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Jim Ross’ wife passes away after Vespa accident

Earlier this week Jim Ross’ wife, Jan, was involved in a Vespa accident in which she was hit from behind by a 17-year-old driver. Jan suffered multiple skull fractures and was rushed to the hospital for surgery. JR noted on his blog that the swelling in her brain needed to subside if she had any shot at survival, but unfortunately the former WWE commentator took to Twitter to reveal that his wife was read her last rights by a priest before passing away tonight (Wed. March 22, 2017):

Our thoughts and prayers here at Wrestling-Edge are with the Ross family at this time.

  • Chris E.

    My heart and prayers go out to JR. Truly sad news.

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  • Buzzkiller73

    So sorry to hear this news. Thoughts and prayers are with the Ross family. Sorry for your loss.


    This is just awful news. As far as the TEXTING while driving do we know that as a facked ? or is it just an assumption. RIP jan and much love to JR

  • BleepBleepBeep

    When texting and driving results in death, it should be treated as murder – the intent is a negative force not a positive one – had the teen intended to not text, they wouldn’t have so the intent to text led to the killing.

  • Omar

    Heartbreaking news. Our prayers are with JR and this family.

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    17 years old and more than likely “TEXTING”. But that’s all that matters, right? Catching that next text from your besty or brofriendly, bromance (millenial speak) b.s.?

    Condolences to the Ross family. For your loss I grieve and mourn.

  • Dave S

    Our prayers are out to Jr and his family

  • D2K

    [Repost] Very sad news. It just seems like it doesn’t let up. It’s one tragedy
    after another. I feel terrible for J.R. He’s been through so much crap
    in his life, and his wife helped him through all of it. I know all of
    us who are wrestling fans and those in the wrestling community will
    stand behind J.R. in this difficult time.