Jimmy Uso Sad Arrest Video Resurfaces

WWE star Jimmy Uso had recently returned from a knee injury but he has now got in trouble. His TV appearance on WWE SmackDown could be in question as he was arrested after he was charged for DUI last night. Fans have recirculated a previous Jimmy Uso DUI arrest video in Detroit, as seen below.



Last time evidence showed that he was not guilty of the charge. But, this time around the WWE SmackDown star admitted that he had multiple beers before driving. He has also ran red light.

Cops noted that he was driving with a blood alcohol level of .205 when he was picked up. He was considered to be intoxicated as he was well over the legal limit. Bobby Lashley ‘Censors’ Offensive Tweet

Jimmy Uso paid $500 for the bail

He was arrested last night and put behind the bars. The bail was set at $500 and after it was paid, he was released today 9 A.M in the morning.

He might have been released but the woes regarding his huge main event plans in WWE continues. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon does not tolerate these and Jimmy could well be witnessing some serious consequences.

He was slated to be in huge programming with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, but that could be in air now.

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