Jinder Mahal on becoming the WWE Champion out of the blue

Almost nobody saw it coming when Jinder Mahal won the WWE Championship in his match against Randy Orton at Backlash earlier this year.



During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Mahal talked about becoming the champion ‘out of the blue’ and said that originally there were no plans for him to win the belt:

“There was originally no plan in place for me to become WWE champion. It felt like I became the number one contender out of nowhere. I call what I did forcing the results. I wasn’t happy with my position. I was putting in the work, but I wasn’t getting the results. I was going to force the result no matter what the cost.”

Talking about his poorly received promo on Shinsuke Nakamura which also raised eyebrows due to its controversial nature, Jinder said that he has to rise to the occasion everytime he has been given an opportunity:

“Every day in WWE is also an opportunity. I have to rise to the occasion every time I am given that opportunity, and that includes every promo on SmackDown, too.”

Apart from this, Jinder Mahal also talked about Sameer Singh’s nasty bump during the Punjabi Prison match and also remembered Rob Gronkowski costing him Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

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