Jinder Mahal cleared for return

WWE recently released several Superstars and members of staff and more are expected to be released. However, some Superstars had been away from the ring long before the mass exodus. Jinder Mahal has been on the shelf since June 2019. It seems he is ready to make his return.



According to a report by Wrestling Rumors, they reached out to Jinder Mahal regarding his return and learned that he has been medically cleared for an in-ring return. He is simply waiting for the company to have something planned for him.

I reached out to former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal to check on both his WWE status, as well as the status of his injury. Mahal stated that he is currently “cleared and waiting.”

Mahal was a WWE Champion back in 2017. After losing the title he had been a lower mid carder, and occasionally involved in the WWE 24/7 Title scene. We will have to see what WWE has planned for him.
Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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