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Current Champion kills rumors of injury


We noted before how Jinder Mahal was speculated to be dealing with some sort of shoulder issues because of the fact that he was seen wearing Kinesio Tape during some recent Live events.

However during his recent interview with ESPN Mahal revealed the real reason why he taped his shoulder, killing the rumors of a possible injury.

According to Mahal, he has large traps which cause him to lose balance during his matches and so he wore tape to pull his shoulder back:

“I don’t have an injury. Those are just rumors, I have large traps and that causes my shoulders to roll forward so when I tape them up, it just pulls my shoulders back and I start to develop my rear shoulders more. My traps are a bit too strong so it puts me out of balance. So it is just to prevent future injuries.”

AJ Styles is rumored to be the next challenger of Jinder Mahal’s WWE title, though currently it’s not known exactly when this feud will kick off.

  • Sarrkazztic

    I call BS