Jinder Mahal splitting with The Singh Brothers after SmackDown Live?

It appears that Jinder Mahal will be parting ways with the Singh Brothers after losing the WWE Championship to AJ Styles at SmackDown Live this week.



A fan posted a video of SmackDown Live after the cameras stopped rolling and in the video, as seen below; Mahal attacked one of the Singh Brothers and threw him into the barricade:

Though it’s worth mentioning here that this spot wasn’t televised and it’s not known whether it was a part of the script for the show or Jinder did it with his own instinct.

So it’s hard to say if WWE intends to use it in an upcoming storyline and if it will result in the Modern Day Maharaja splitting with the Singh Brothers.

What’s interesting to note here is that the local advertisement for the upcoming WWE Live Event in India listed Mahal as two times WWE Champion and it’s speculated that Mahal will win the championship back before their tour of India in early December.

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