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Jinder Mahal trains for SummerSlam (video), Mahal on defending WWE Championship in India

Jinder Mahal

Jinder Mahal trains for WWE SummerSlam

WWE has uploaded a new video of Jinder Mahal training for his match this Sunday at WWE SummerSlam. Mahal will defend his WWE Championship against Shinsuke Nakamura. In the video, Mahal trains at Frenchie’s Gym and says that Nakamura is in for a rude awakening at SummerSlam.

Mahal on defending the WWE Championship in India

Jinder Mahal recently did a Q&A with Vikram Bodas on Yahoo Sports.

Would it be more special to defend the WWE Championship in your hometown of Calgary or in India?

“I would say that it would be more special in India. Both would be very, very special, but Calgary already has had a champion with Bret Hart and they already have a rich, established wrestling tradition. Whereas India, yet, isn’t.

“You know, I would love to take the WWE championship back to India. Nobody has ever taken a WWE championship to India so just to think about the power that I would have to motivate the youth and to inspire a tremendous amount of people there is amazing. Obviously, the WWE universe right now over there is very passionate and I know the response would just be electric. That atmosphere of performing there would be on a whole other level. When WWE went there last time, I wasn’t back with WWE so I missed that. All the WWE superstars tell me that it was one of their favorite events they ever worked. The crowd was just electric from beginning to end.”

What is the state of WWE and wrestling in India right now?

“Things are good. Everyone is very proud that I am the WWE champion. We get lots of media coverage almost every week – lots of newspaper and TV coverage. When I made the comeback at the Punjabi Prison, that was huge and the clip went viral. When I won the WWE championship it was all over the news, it’s great. I know WWE just launched the merchandise store over there. The highlight show Sunday Dhamaal, which used to only highlight RAW got moved to a primetime spot and now is highlighting both RAW and SmackDown.”