Jinder Mahal reveals his relationship with Vince McMahon

The New WWE Champion Jinder Mahal recently had an interview with Fox sports where he talked about many things, including his recent Championship victory.



When asked how crazy the last 48 hours have been for him since becoming the champion, Jinder said that they have been very crazy:

“Very crazy, you know, I’ve just been so busy. I haven’t taken the time to really let it sink in. I’m sure when I go home tomorrow it’ll all sink in. But right after I won I was in the gym the next day training, [had] a live event yesterday, trained again today and I’m on SmackDown.”

Talking about the backstage response of superstars about his victory, the new Champion said that the response of other WWE superstars has been great:

 “I think the response has been great from the rest of the boys. You know, I’m an example that in the WWE there are opportunities for people who work hard, improve constantly. I think it’s great for morale, too, for guys who are lower on the card. Sometimes you get unhappy with your position.”

When asked if Vince McMahon had any special message for him after winning the Championship at Backlash, the Maharaja said that he was very happy and shook his hand when he went backstage:

“He was very happy, shook my hand. He was standing up when I came back through Gorilla. I get a lot of advice from Vince. I believe he’s a genius, so a lot of promos and everything… the last couple weeks after a match or a promo, Vince is the first person that I come to talk to.”

Continuing on the topic, he revealed that he has a great relationship with the Boss:

He was very happy, he could see that I was improving, and Vince is one of those guys… if you care, he cares about you. I have a great relationship with Vince now, which is one of those things I never had before, because I would kind of avoid him. But now I come back and Vince is the first person that I see every week.”

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