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Jinder Mahal wants to be a babyface and the greatest of all time

ESPN recently had the chance to speak to the Modern Day Maharaja where he revealed he wants to do more with his current character.

“I am interested in seeing what other characters I could play. The evolution of a WWE character is such that things change and I can’t wait to have a babyface character,” Mahal said.

He also expressed a great interest in eventually becoming a babyface and seeing his character garner cheers outside of India.

“I can’t wait for the crowd reaction when I come here and definitely the WWE will see some of that reaction. Maybe that starts to plug something in creative and you might see a different side of me.”

Jinder Mahal also intends on becoming the greatest of all time and not just a well known and loved babyface.

“My goal is to be the greatest of all time. There isn’t any point setting small goals. You have to set large goals. When I set the goal of becoming WWE champion, people would laugh. I remember when I was entered into the six pack challenge match to be the No.1 contender for the WWE title, there were many who asked ‘why is Jinder here?’ But I set my aims high. I proved the doubters wrong and I look forward to proving more doubters wrong.”

  • Dave

    Ur not me…

  • Dave

    I take that back…….Sorry.

  • James Bull

    Good attitude to hard work and great attitude but he needs to polish his in ring skills and drastically improve his promos. Maybe stepping away from the title for a while and having a deep and believable feud with someone would help, something they can build and be more personal. A bit like KO’s universal title run didn’t showcase Owens at his best but his feud with Shane has highlighted his character just like his time in NXT did.

  • BiggEZ

    It definitely remains to be seen.

  • Nicholas2778

    I really think he is a boring WWE champion. I mean have not taken him serious at all. I don’t talk down of to many WWE champion but I still scratch my head about this one.

  • Sparti Love

    Maybe if focused less on working out in the gym and more time working on his wrestling and mic skills

  • Dave

    Americans and Canadians are too racist to allow a minority guy wearing a turban to become a major babyface.