Joe Biden ‘Bad Makeup’ Revealed After He…

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff accused CNN of sabotaging the debate against President Joe Biden with its “framing and lighting”:



“Biden was filmed in profile, looking pale as a ghost,” she posted. (The White House made up for that by sending out a bronzed Biden Monday night.)

It has been noted that a lot of people took out their wrath on CNN, which was hand-selected by the Biden campaign to host a debate. Keith Olbermann said CNN should literally be burned to the ground. Now, Politico has reported that Wolkoff isn’t alone in her assessment. The Biden family also blames CNN for bad lighting, bad camerawork, and bad makeup.

Jonathan Lemire and Lauren Egan report:

Additionally, Biden’s campaign staff only grew angrier at CNN as to how the debate was run, according to several people familiar with the conversations. Their complaints were lengthy, including that the moderators should have fact-checked Trump more often, that Biden was not told which camera he’d be on when not speaking and that the makeup staff made him appear too pale, according to the three people. Biden did, however, agree to the terms of the debate before it was held.

It is noted that before Biden even walked off the debate stage on Thursday evening, he was already facing heavy criticism from members of his party about his rocky performance, with some suggesting that he couldn’t adequately compete against Trump and that his performance exposed long-simmering concerns that he’s too old to campaign and lead the nation.

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