Joe Biden Brutally Humiliates Jim Jordan & Trump

According to Mediaite, President Joe Biden lightheartedly poked fun at the expense of Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) during a successful fundraising event that brought in a substantial $1.6 million. The event, hosted at the residence of prominent figures in Washington D.C., Dr. Claire Lucas, and Judy Dlugacz, saw President Biden in good spirits as he took playful jabs at both his political opponent, former President Donald Trump, and the state of the Republican Party.



Addressing the crowd, Biden highlighted Trump’s divisive rhetoric, emphasizing the former president’s message to his supporters that he is their “retribution,” and suggesting a dangerous link between Trump’s influence and the potential for political unrest. Drawing attention to Jordan’s resounding defeat in a secret ballot, Biden insinuated that fear and intimidation were prevalent within the GOP, preventing lawmakers from publicly standing up to the former president.

Biden then expressed concern about the current threats to American democracy, citing challenges to fundamental rights such as LGBTQ legislation, voting rights, and reproductive rights. He underscored the critical need to defend these rights against the backdrop of an evolving Republican Party, emphasizing the dominance of MAGA Republicans within its ranks. The President playfully referenced Jordan’s recent electoral loss, humorously stating that the Ohio representative had “just got his rear end kicked” in the recent vote, highlighting the significant opposition within the party to his leadership bid.

The President stressed the importance of denouncing political violence unequivocally, emphasizing that such behavior could never be condoned. He highlighted the concerns expressed by some fellow politicians who had faced death threats, expressing his disappointment that such actions were occurring within the United States. Biden reassured the audience that the nation was capable of much better.

Concluding on a more optimistic note, President Biden hinted at the forthcoming 2024 elections, suggesting that the nation might have an opportunity to safeguard democracy should Trump become the Republican nominee once again. With a hint of optimism, Biden expressed his belief that prevailing in the upcoming election could represent a crucial milestone in the ongoing struggle to protect American democracy.

Wrapping up the event, an organizer confirmed the substantial fundraising success of the reception, announcing that it had managed to raise an impressive $1.6 million, further underscoring the event’s significance for the Biden campaign.

And, you know, we need every Americ- — you know, Donald Trump talks about — he tells his supporters, he says, “I am your retribution.” This is what he says. He means it. He said, “We’re a failing nation. Either we — either they win…” — meaning me — (laughter) — “… or we win. If they win, we no longer have a country.”

He goes on to talk about how he has great respect for Putin, how he’s a real leader, how Hama- — I mean the things he says, the pr- — the worst part is he basically means. If you notice all — who are his friends? All the strongmen. All the — you know, you have North Korea. You have — anyway, I won’t go through it. (Laughter.)

But, look, here’s the deal. You know, what’s at stake is literally American democracy, in my view. I know when I made that speech in 2020 in Independence Hall, people thought it was hyperbole. Everybody thought that except the American people. People are worried about — worried about our democracy.

Look what they’re trying to do. All the basics rights we’ve taken for granted for a long time, what do they want to deal with? They want to take it away. They want to take it away, whether it’s to change the court system, whether it’s to move in a way to deal with LGBTQ legislation, whether it’s about the right to vote, just — whether it’s about the right to choose. Think about all the individual things that are frontal attacks.

But that other piece of good news: This is not your father’s Republican Party. (Laughter.) This is a different deal. These MAGA Republicans make about 30 percent of that party, and now you saw the — the significant gentleman from Ohio [Jim Jordan], he just got his rear end kicked by — (laughter and applause).

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Third — third time.

THE PRESIDENT: Third — well, beyond that’s the last time, because here’s the deal: We have to understand that violence in American politics is never, never, never, never acceptable. Never acceptable.

But guess what? He lost the third time in the vote, then they had a secret ballot when they got back in the caucus. And I think it was something like 140 people voted against him. Because you know why they didn’t publicly? Intimidated. Intimidated.

And I’ve had serious people talk to me about how they worry about death threats with their positions. I mean, this is — this is the United States of America. We’re so much better than that.

And, I guess, what I was to say to you is, you know, in 2024, not because of me, but because of — if Donald Trump is the nominee, if we win in 2024, we’ll be an extended generation to say we saved democracy, in a way. (Applause.) (Inaudible.)

Look — I got to stop myself here. (Laughter.)

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