Joe Biden Drops Donald Trump Jail Bombshell

Former President Donald Trump recently stated that he expects to be arrested in connection with the investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney soon. He went on to call for protests as New York law enforcement prepares for a possible indictment. A photo of Donald Trump’s plane taking off to fly to New York for his arrest was also leaked.



The controversy sparked around the hush money payment that Cohen admitted that he made to Stormy Daniels during the fall of Trump’s 2016 White House bid to keep her from coming forward about an alleged affair she had with the then-candidate. Trump has denied the affair. Previously, TMZ reported that Daniels was experiencing the impact of Trump’s potential impending arrest and reportedly strengthening her security after receiving multiple threats.

President Joe Biden is seemingly aware of his predecessor’s arraignment and will “obviously” catch the news, the White House said Tuesday, but emphasized that it is “not his focus.”

“Look, the president’s going to focus on the American people like he does every day. This is not something that is a focus for him. He is going to focus on things like making sure we continue to lower prices for the American people,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in response to a question from CNN’s MJ Lee.

“Of course, this is playing out on many of the networks here on a daily basis for hours and hours, so obviously, he will catch part of the news when he has a moment to catch up on the news of the day, but this is not his focus for today,” she said.

Biden is set to meet with his Council of Advisors on Science and Technology this afternoon for a conversation on artificial intelligence as former President Trump’s arraignment takes place in Manhattan.

Jean-Pierre declined to comment on the specifics of the case, but reiterated that Biden was “not given a heads up” on the indictment and was briefed by White House chief of staff Jeff Zients on the developments as they were reported in the media.

Biden has repeatedly declined to comment on the case, but told CNN on Monday in Minnesota that he has faith in the New York Police Department and responded affirmatively when asked if he has faith in the legal system.

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