Joe Biden Explodes At Loser Trump In Video

In a recent interview with Ben Meiselas, co-founder of the Meidas Touch PAC and podcast host for MeidasTouch Network, President Joe Biden praised MeidasTouch and emphasized the importance of truth in politics. Biden acknowledged the role of truth in effective political communication, stating, “Sometimes the best politics is truth.”



Later in the interview, Meiselas asked Biden for a message to the Meidas Mighty, the supporters and viewers of MeidasTouch Network, who describe themselves as unapologetically pro-democracy. In response, Biden expressed concern about the state of democracy, referencing a speech he made in Independence Hall highlighting the risks and challenges to democracy. He criticized former President Donald Trump’s statements suggesting a departure from the Constitution, calling them “off the wall” and emphasizing the need to defend democracy.

Biden underscored the importance of actively safeguarding democracy, stating that the idea of democracy being inevitable is not true and that it is currently under siege. He urged the need to integrate the principles of democracy into every aspect of governance.

The interview touched on various topics, including the state of democracy, economic indicators such as the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) being revised up to 5.2%, and the role of truth in political discourse.

BEN MEISELAS: I’m Ben Meiselas from the Meidas Touch Network. We are joined by President Joe Biden. Mr. President, it is such an honor.

PRESIDENT BIDEN: Well, you’re doing a great job! You know, sometimes the best politics is truth. You’re telling the truth.

BEN MEISELAS: “The truth is golden” is our slogan.

BEN MEISELAS: So the MeidasTouch, supporters of, people who watch our network call themselves the Meidas Mighty. We at the MeidasTouch Network, say that we’re unapologetically pro-democracy. What’s your message to the Meidas mighty out there and those watching right now who fear for our democracy and who just care about our democracy?

PRESIDENT BIDEN: You know, I made a speech in Independence Hall saying that our democracy is at risk or even oppressive. What are you talking about? Well, guess what? The vast majority American people thought it was too. The idea that we have a former president who may be the nominee saying that he thinks we should be able to essentially walk away from the Constitution. The things they’re saying are just off the wall and it’s a we better step.

Well, I taught at University of Pennsylvania for four years, and I also taught at a law school. And the idea that democracy is inevitable, it’s just not true. It’s under siege. We have to put a stamp of democracy in everything we do.

BEN MEISELAS: Absolutely. And GDP was revised up to 5.2%.

Harrison Carter
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